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In the meantime the hukou system helps to maintain a large pool of cheap labor in order to sustain high growth levels, and defer the critical Lewis turning point.The agricultural population was expected to fend for itself, receiving very limited, if any, state benefits.
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 · Finally, the emphasis of the hukou system as a whole has partially shifted to provide “pulls” to encourage certain kinds of desirable migration. In short, the hukou system in most respects mirrors migration-based labor restrictions and dual labor markets
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A brief history of China’s ‘hukou’ system
Additionally, hukou was influenced by the Soviet passbook system. Broadly speaking, the history of the hukou system can be conceptualised in three stages . From the 1950s to the 1970s the Communist Party used hukou registration to implement agricultural collectivism in rural China while rapidly industrialising urban China.
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Hukou System, Horizontal, Vertical, and Full Job-Education Mismatch and Wage Progression among College Floating Population in Beijing, China Authors Donghong Xie
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 · PDF 檔案its hukou system, an institution with the power to restrict population mobility and access to state-sponsored benefits for the majority of China’s rural population. A wave of newspaper stories published in late 2005 understood the latest round of reform initiatives to
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Hukou (戶口) is a system of household registration in China. Each citizen is issued a household register under supervision of the Ministry of Public Security, China’s police. Hukou serves as an identity proof for citizens, recording their basic information and permanent residence.
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 · The Hukou system is the registered residence component of China’s household registration system. As it is now, the system is often deemed as being unfair. It has prevented every person in a city from having equal claims to services, especially migrant workers.
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 · The hukou works alongside another program known as dibao. Begun as a means-tested basic income for lower-income urban dwellers, the system is now in place across the country.
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This paper examines the effects of social networks and hukou status on worker’s occupational attainment in China. To identify the potential ranking of different occupations, we consider the use of the stereotype ordered regression model to estimate individual
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The hukou system is a source of great inequality here.:China’s Hukou system comes to mind.The hukou system made it illegal to migrate from the countryside to the city.Up to 2008, twelve provinces had abolished the dual urban-rural hukou system.Today, the Hukou system is considered by various sources as the current caste system of China.
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The hukou system not only placed strict regulations on internal migration, but it also in essence blocked social mobility for almost all rural citizens during this period. 7 On the other hand, according to C. Cindy Fan, due to the way that the system worked rural In
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Hukou, a system of residency permits, was used by the Communist Party beginning in 1958 to minimize the movement of people between rural and urban areas. Chinese citizens were classified as urban and rural based on their hukou ; urban residents received state-allocated jobs and access to an array of social services while rural residents were expected to be more self-reliant.
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The hukou system has also been criticized for being unfair and discriminatory, since the individuals in rural areas do not have the same access to social welfare that the urban citizens do. Although enforcing a nationwide registration system is one of government’s
Reforming Hukou: China's Quest for Inland Urbanization. Part 1
中華人民共和國戶籍制度是中華人民共和國政府對定居在中國大陸的中華人民共和國公民實施,以戶為單位的人口管理制度。 戶籍表明了自然人在某地生活的合法性。 自1950年代,中華人民共和國人口管理方針的制定與實施均建基于此項制度。 中華人民共和國歷史上的戶籍制度曾根據地域和家庭
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Collectivization was achieved using a strict registration procedure called the HuKou system. Each person’s HuKou registered the person as an agricultural or non-agricultural worker in a particular locality. Over 80 percent of the population had an agricultural
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The Regulation of Migration in a Transition Economy: China’s Hukou System

 · PDF 檔案China’s Hukou System* Unlike most countries, China regulates internal migration. Public benefits, access to good quality housing, schools, health care, and attractive employment opportunities are available only to those who have local registration (Hukou

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